Yearbook Purchasing


Here are the two ways you can purchase a yearbook. If you are purchasing a yearbook online, 
Click Here. You will have up until December 20th to order a yearbook.
 Option #1: Order Online
(Paid with credit card)
Option #2: Order in School
(Paid in cash or by check) 
1) Click on "Buy Your Yearbook."
2) Type in "Washington Middle School, Honolulu."
3) Add to cart.
4) Optional: If you would like to pay for "Personalization" then type in information. However, if you just want the yearbook, click on "No Thanks or Continue."
5) Type in Student's Name and Homeroom Teacher and Number.
6) Checkout.
7) It will ask for Credit Card Information. Keep in mind that the site is secure.

If you would like to order a yearbook in school, please speak with any of the student's in Mr. Kumabe's yearbook class. You can also go to room #104 or the office during morning recess, lunch, or after school to order. 

Thank you for supporting the Yearbook class. Enjoy!