Progress reports sent out Feb. 14th, school ends at 1:47pm on Feb. 14th & no school Monday, Feb 17th.

General Learner Outcomes (GLO'S)

Self-Directed Learner - The ability to be responsible for one's learning.

Community Contributor - The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together. 

Complex Thinker - The ability to perform complex thinking and problem solving. 

Quality Producer - The ability to recognize and produce quality performance and quality products. 

Effective Communicator - The ability to communicate effectively.

Effective and Ethical User of Technology - The ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically. 

From the Principal's Desk...

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members, 

Welcome to Washington Middle School, home of the Eagles. Like our namesake suggests, our students soar towards academic excellence and social and civic responsibility. Students are challenged to set both educational and personal goals and are taught the skills and competencies necessary to achieve them. We expect our students to positively contribute to our community, state, nation and the world by pursuing their goals with passion, relating to others with compassion, and through dedicating service to others. 

The faculty and staff at Washington Middle School are an exceptional group of educators committed to meeting the diverse needs of our adolescent student population. Students engage in a rigorous and relevant core curriculum designed to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. The core curriculum is augmented by a varied and leveled encore program that provides opportunities for students to explore their interests at an introductory level and later hone their skills at an advanced level. We also have wonderful support programs that address the social, emotional and educational needs of our students making Washington Middle School the very best place for children to learn and mature into successful young adults. 

The middle school years can be a tumultuous time for our students as they are going through more changes physically, mentally and emotionally than in any other time in their life. By prescribing to the middle school philosophy we structure our school to provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning. The after-school hours can be a dangerous time for adventurous middle schoolers, but through our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Honolulu and a growing co-curricular and club program, our students have many opportunities to engage in positive and age-appropriate activities. 

At Washington Middle School we strive for quality and life long learning in all that we do. This manifests itself in our students becoming healthy and confident individuals who are self-directed learners, complex thinkers, quality producers, community contributors, effective communicators and effective and ethical users of technology. The leaders of tomorrow are developed in our school today. 

If you believe in the beauty of your child’s dream, then we look forward to working with you and your child in making that dream a reality. 

With respect and gratitude, 

Michael K. Harano 

Washington Middle School